Wednesday, December 17, 2014


 My daughter went visit to her best friend. They usually play at there (grandma house). The grandma request to put the Christmas tree up and decorate. Isn’t so late to put the Christmas tree. But she needs help from them.  She just backs from Australia tour and she must so tired. My daughter had another a t-shirt souvenir. When Susan travel from other country she also give to the kids a gift and remembrance.  Susan is a grandma of Emma. Emma is my daughter best friend. I try to explain it so you would confuse.

I was been worried about my ordered from wet seal. I was shop online during the cyber Monday. It’s was a good deal plus free shipping. But, really it took about two weeks before I receive it. I am not complaining but just saying my experience. I really need the items that I order so I can wear them on the Christmas party this weekend.

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