Friday, December 26, 2014

Consignment Haul

I really enjoyed shopping to consignment store in our area. I found some good deal. Daughter and I went three consignments the other day because we were looking for pageant outfit but we didn’t luck for that. But I ended up buying another things instead. So, here of my few consignment haul.

CJ’s consignment store- I bought 4 items from this store and I spent over $ 30. This store is a little bit pricey if you compare it to other consignment.
Ø    I have leather backpack I been wanting to get new purse or backpack to go work or anywhere as long is easy to carry.
Ø    Dress/shoes/boots- these are for my daughter. She really needs a new boots and she wanted this shoes since she saw it in consignment. She won’t stop asking if she can get it for her. 

Marva consignment store- this is my favorite consignment store. You can find stuff that really affordable. We also love to donate our stuff this store since they sold everything in cheap.

Ø    The pink poodle stuff toys for only .50 cent/ girl-pant for $1.75/ 2 slips for $3 and Dictionary are .50 cent each. I bought it in purpose. I was thinking to gift this dictionary book to my cousin in the Philippines. 

Salvation Army – this is my favorite store too. I bought bathrobe for me since, I wanting one and a Lego and pink box for my daughter. They are so affordable and cheap. Once were around this store. There to lady gives a $2 to my daughter for Christmas present. They are so nice to the kids.

I don’t know if I like it or not but they are new for me to try. I bought them in Walgreen for buy1 and get1 free so why not.

The mouthwash for kids and adult we can’t live w/out them. They are part of our hygiene everyday. I like to have them in nearest to our sink in the bathroom. I bought toothbrush and toothpaste for my daughter extra stuff. If she running out of toothpaste and toothbrush and there’s an extra anytime you need it.
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