Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Party

Hello Dear!

     Wow time passes really quickly huh?  Five more days till Christmas day I haven’t finish gift shopping yet. And so 2014 will go gone soon. We still have more events coming up and more interesting each day especially my daughter she can’t wait to open her gift. Well, everybody does we all wanted to have a gift even little.

     I went to my daughter Christmas party at her school yesterday. This year I am trying to go to her event as possible because of all this, I am thankful to God and I hope and wish I would able to have more time for my daughter activities.

The party was amazing because, there’s one grandma and few parents who helping and I am one of them. I was glad I did my best to show up at my daughter Christmas party for the first time. They have enough snacks to eat, games, goodies and crafted stuff. I didn’t talked to other parents and teacher because were kind of busy focusing to the kids. But, after the Christmas party my daughter asked if she could come go home with me (my mother). She was so happy when her teacher agrees.

She been asking me when we going to the McDonald restaurant again. I guess, kids favorite place because of the happy meal. I take her out early from her school yesterday for holiday reason. So, I take advantage with it and we able to go eat lunch together.  

Since every Friday is our schedule for mommy and daughter day. So, we hangout a little while in the McDonald restaurant then we shop couple of stuff in Tuesday morning and Walgreen.

     My husband and my mother-in-law went to the little rock and here what I got from my list. He went to the Asian store for me. He bought a lot of Filipino goodies. 

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