Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Stories and Santa.

My step Daughter worked at the city library in Russellville. She talked to her grandma about it and my mother-in-law brought us there to listening Christmas stories and see Santa. My daughter was a hungry she don’t even had a time to get in the house because were little hurry to go make it in time and get a parking lot. But in the city library they have free cookies and milk. She still asking a real food but cookies and milk are help to hold up her hungry.

We were lining up to see Santa. My daughter asks me to go with her and get some picture of Santa. I cannot believe it’s happening to me but it surely did. My very first time to have a picture with Santa, ever! The Santa asks me what you wish for this Christmas? I was totally, feeling like a kid again but not really bad. Nice, to be pretend as a kids in a moment, lol.

Have a Blessed Weekend everyone! Take care

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