Sunday, December 7, 2014

alarm clock/ ceramic curling iron

Hi Dear!

I don’t know how to start to write today. The clock keep moving every single minutes and here I am still thinking. I guess, my brain not working that well. Not like I pursue to do anything. Okay, one post then I give myself a break. Break for tonight.

Time goes by when you thinking too much or you are to busy doing things. Ops, almost 5 o’clock and done nothing today except watch Filipino movie. I can’t believe its almost time to go sleep again, lol.

I bought this alarm clock for my 8 years old daughter. It’s really helping for her to get up in the morning. Like everyone, needs a helper. In case we forgot that we have go get up of exacts time and this buzz sound, force you up. My daughter asked that she really need alarm clock so she won’t late to go school and here she picked. We bought it in Kmart. It was a cheap one but she needs it.

Advance time technology- electric digital alarm clock
adjustable alarm volume\Pm and alarm on indicators/ repeating snooze/ ascending alarm/ alarm reset feature/ requires two "AA" batteries.
Ceramic curling iron from

                  I really was happy to buy this curling iron at TJ Maxx. Daughter and I enjoying this stuff and we using this several time already. It also affordable

Ø    Ceramic’s far-infrared heat penetrates hair quickly and evenly from the inside out, curling hair in a fraction of time with superior results.
Ø    Easy-to-clean barrel emits high, constant heat to penetrate hair follicles quickly ad retain natural moisture for soft, luxurious styles.
Ø    Professional heater allows barrel to reach high temperatures faster and provide rapid heat recovery for consistent performance.


Ø    Ceramic barrel for frizz-free, shiny curls
Ø    Rapid heat recovery for consistent performance
Ø    Variable heat setting for all hair styles
Ø    9’ swivel cord
Ø    430 F stays hot 

I curl my daughter hair and we both love the result. she been  asking me to do a curl hair since she had a  thin hair.
My hair is thick & this is the result too. I curl my hair by myself. so, happy for  the result.
A couple months ago I went to salon to highlights my hair. I was surprising the way it looks after she curling my hair. That’s why, I effort to find this curling iron. Trying to find the affordable one and easy to use and finally, I have it now and were hooked up.
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