Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Triple Birthday Party

Hi Beautiful!
        I am actually quite busy here! but the same time, :-) I feel so excited this coming events on aug 3rd. Triple Birthday party for Ariana, Evelyn and me. Haven't experience this before but fortunately I met friends who same birth month. So, going to celebrate it together. We invite mostly Filipina, of course include husband and kids since one of our celebrant will be turn 3 years old. My daughter very excited to play with friends too.
        I have to do listing for food shopping on two days from now. nice to prepared early because friday afternoon suppose all is ready, 4 o'clock will start the Birthday Party. I don't know who else gonna come but the other celebrant have a lot of friend to attained. As I know, I invite my friend but 5 person can be there include me and my husband, lol ;-)
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