Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Vacation

Hello :-)  I let it publish before to late, hahaha.. It is photo from our summer Vacation. 
               I love to go somewhere, any place with someone who very loving. I do admit, Every time I met my husband family in Louisiana. They are real so sweet
                   Our Day One: (After meeting one of my friend in Shreveport Louisiana. We went to my Brother-in-law house for couple of days spend with them in July 4rt. That was a tiring day from work to road trip but lucky, am I got so much energy or just excited to see swimming pool? anyway, we are far away from ocean now which I suffering in almost five years  because I am originally grow up; in a small island in the philippines.

                Day two: (It's all about fun day.  isn't cute, huh? The police car super unique that's because My first time seeing it. I took advantage to get picture with my daughter in there. My Mother-in-law and My husband took us to the corn field around while, they showing us them land property. That's we are in the back of truck was going to the wood house cabin :-)

Day Three: ( swimming pool party. My husband cousin who invite us to come swimming. Of Course, we are excited. My husband and daughter is really good buddies all the time.)

         Day Four(  That's me with my Cousin-in-law in kitchen. I was waiting her special salad. In Bed, Daughter and I sleep the same room but separate bed. So, both very comfortable.

            Day Five:  ( Cute:-) little driver. She having a good time playing toys. We stayed different house of my husband family and  every house had own fashion that's my daughter love to live there because lots of toys and they start spoiling her) 

               Day six: ( Our we back to AR. It was really rain but we made it to bring a flower's in cemetery and met family in Mexican restaurant.

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