Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day Outfit

               left- Photo : Top T.J Maxx, Black leggings- Philippines
                     Right- Photo:  white skirt @ Marva and Tee- Jcpenny

            Hi Friends,  I don't know how to explain this heat, So humid ( over 100 degree out there) especially inside the Car....  I know, you also complaining how hot it is. We don't have any rain :-( and outside super dry. Poor pLants they are look gonna dying 
           These outfit I wore several time to go to store and people kind nah looking at me :-)So, pretty Bad  I feel wasn't comfortable with that. I am super sensitive woman.  One time, I went to children clothes for my daughter. there's lady ask, about my size. she thought her 14 years old daughter is same size of me.. I didn't tell but I was embarrass  :-) 

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