Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Filipina Gathering, Birthday and Baby Shower

Hi Beautiful,
             This is last sunday event's post. It's been a long time, haven't attending party w/ Fil-gathering. One of My close friend who invite us to come  and So,  chance to show up myself. Yeah, It such a surprising I got met so much new filipina in town and they are  also got surprise to seeing me again after 2 1/2 years ago. Anyway, was a long story why I been stopped attending.
I was at my Mother- in-law house to have lunch with her. Really, Un expected to go these party. I wasn't wear proper outfit or clothes.  but they told me, bring yourself :-) so I did  listen them and come to the party wearing sleeper and no any make up, lol..
Here some photo with everyone, during baby shower, birthday and filipina gathering. I didn't have camera with me that day but Thanks for face-book tagging.
So funny, My Pink purse in my left shoulder all the time because  I was hiding something.
So Many Photographer :-)  can't watch right....
this is Stolen shoot of me- No idea who take picture but somebody
I still holding my drinks here. was in the middle of eating. thanks goodness, they dont take photo with food in my Mouth, hahaha..
I don't have no clue what I was talking but they are so happy & interested :-)
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