Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am back from Vacation

Hi Friends,
        Vacation is over. We arrived yesterday night around 7:30. Like back to reality living. I mean to say, back to the normal Schedule today. Actually, I still feel exhausted but force myself to get up early and I did it.
         This Year, I got only a short Vacation. Gone in 6 days isn’t enough but“ Its better than nothing and also paid. They pay me in my holiday off and vacation off. That was awesome, right? 
         In Our Road trip to Louisiana is about 10 hour total for back and forth, also depending on traffic. anyway, My Mother-in-law always made delicious sandwich for us,  water, Juice, grapes for snacks. We also did few stop in the gas station for restroom. Have you notice this summer is a lot of watermelon everywhere, like one We saw 2 for $5 is really good deal.

        During our trip. We stopped notinis restaurant in Shreveport, LA to met my friend and her family. She been My Pal since 2008 in face-book communication. Last, July 3rd,2012 is finally our first time to met each other in person and I was very happy because she is sweet, nice, good and friendly. 

My Daughter and My Friend Daughter. She so lovely girl- 

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