Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hi Dear!
Oh gosh My sunday wasn't turn out good. I am so sorry  in a bad mood. I get so upset by other people who trying to talk to me but behind on that there's another meaning. I have a fb account and I recieve her message first but was so stange to me we just exchange a few message and in a while ago, I want to reply back to her message and can't view her profile anymore even just send message. So, thought she block me  on her face-book in purpose. I don't know, why? she do that But myself I don;t remember any words to make her hurt. She was introduce herself to me that she was my grade 6 classmate. Yeah, I reply was  remember her and I haven't seen her in a long time.
seuss and lorax movie- Daughter and I went this movie. were both having a good time. after my happiness, there also sadness, lol.  My husband went this movie The Hunger Games (2012) - I don't know what it is about. In a short story, I totally hate demanding especially w/out words please and look so mean to me. that I feel my world so bad.... he just want everythings in the house so clean but I truly feel bad on that because I can't afford in all at once. my body is only one I am not stay home waiting for miracle. I have a job to help leaving.
Because My upset day : I throwing my make up, my clothes, my nails accessories and everything that my own. all in the cartoon next to trust-can outside.  he told me if you piss off, you should not throw all your things away.
I just want to get this feeling out and hope it will alright tomorrow.
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