Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mansanitas Fruit Tree..

                       My simple homemade  fruit salad with almonds ice cream but my daughter said, I don't eat that Because No strawberry w/it. Oh my, she so spoiled now. I am thinking how if we going back to Philippines and they don't have  strawberry there   or way to expensive to buy.  well, I told her I grow up many fruit in our own garden and all is delicious and different flavor. But really, she love strawberry & Grapes which is so expensive in philippines.

..... Now I would like to shared you a fruit tree Mansanitas, this is  I miss back home wanted to eat some so bad we don't have this in state, lol.. it is a tiny fruit but sweet. every morning after breakfast,  Me and my brother love doing it everyday  to climb this tree and pick some a red mansanitas to eat

 ..... some part of asia and philippines this fruits are usually eaten mostly by children althought it is not sold in market.

..... this is a fast growing fruit tree. after the flowers are pollinated, there will be lots of the berries growing

I was craving chicken and rice yesterday, sure I did cook for myself because hubby said, he had pizza left over from lunch but one thing is I almost forgot my fried chicken in frying pan while I doing checking my daughter in tub so that's now my chicken look so dark .You can see the pic my chicken burn but I am surprise I still like it Because only the top burn....

here's chicken to much fried but happy with rice

I was enjoying my own chicken soup and hubby eat a pizza for dinner....

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