Sunday, October 13, 2013

T.J Maxx and Bath and Body works Haul.

Here’s My Shopping Haul. I had few stores that I went in to yesterday.  T.J Maxx is the first favorite store in our town and sometimes, you can find the good deal. My daughter picked up puppy backpack and Jelly Belly for herself and that’s only I bought in T.J Maxx because, T.J Maxx and Bath & bodywork are next to each other so, I give a chance myself to visit this store again since,  I also had a coupon with me.

Cute isn’t it? My Daughter in-love when she saw this back pack because, it’s also a pink. So glad is $7 only that’s how also, I love to go in T.J Maxx because, you can pick some affordable stuff. okay, move on to the Bath and Body Works. 
12 Items from bath and body works that I bought 2 big candle, 1 foam anti-bacterial hand soap, 5 little hand sanitizer, 3 pocketbac holders and 1 free travel size lotion. 

I spent looking the candle scent. So far, found these two. Honestly this is my first time in my life to bought candle. My intention was buy one to give it try but the lady saw me, holding one and she recommend to get another one for 2 for $22 than one is $20 So, I have had Wick candle-sparkling Icicle and Eucalyptus Mint.

Wick candle-sparkling Icicle- I was thought only me one who notice that this scent, smell like a men but bought it anyhow, might my husband like the clean scent since he picky.

Eucalyptus Mint candle- the scent of this candle is so fresh! It does smell like spa in my bedroom. It has refreshing mint scent and it so relaxing. So far, loving it. 

As we all know by now, this and a few other scent are the only ones I’d buy at bath and body works. I still love it just as much as I did back then. I mention here already that My mother-in-law who gift me a sets from head to toes back when I first come to the united state since then, cherry blossom is most scent I love from bath and body works.  But, this little guy a travel size is free.
Autumn Day- is foaming anti-bacterial hand soap. I love this scent so much. Smell wonderful in my hand and feeling soft. and the rest I have 5 pocketbac handsanitizer and 3 pocketbac holders

bath and body works light up pink owl pocket holder is my daughter picked 

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