Monday, October 14, 2013

salmon, asparagus, sour mango and donut

Hi Love ^_^ Last Friday, I cooked Salmon fish and asparagus for family dinner but, Daughter and I indeed up only two people in the table eating dinner. Because, when I got home from work. My mother-in-law went to Branson for road trip with friend.  My stepson busy to focus in his exam and homework and my husband home late since he need to finish up a some projects at school so, pretty much busy: _(

I invite my friends to have green and sour mango (native Philippines mango) with little fried shrimp (uyap). It’s been long times haven’t taste this fruits since I left in the Philippines in 2010. Until I found it in the Mexican store and fortunate it taste similar, except they are already in the bottle (like pickled mango). 
The donut didn’t last two hours, hahaha. My stepson bought a dozen donut and this for family breakfast. But, guess what when I woke up in the morning to have a breakfast. Donut is only 3 pieces left. Instead grabbing all. I only get one piece for one dozen. Poor husband, he was starving from working whole day that’s why he ate a bunch of it. Donut was really delicious. Were going to have another dozen in weekend. Donut weekend until get everyone satisfy.

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