Monday, October 7, 2013

not perfect monday

Hello Dear! I went worked this morning but sudden I feel not feeling well because the headache attacking me again and then I throw up. I can’t concentrate at work that’s why I got home very early. L I didn’t send my daughter at her school since she also, got cold, cough and stuffy nose. So, were stayed in room together but, I want to go back to work tomorrow if I feel little better and My daughter need to go back to school, one miss at school already.. 

I had little upset when I went to the drugstore to pick the prescription medicine. While, I was there the lady told me I don’t have any medicine so I come home mad if I known I don’t have to go there. But, I was expecting that I have one prescript from doctor. Omg, I lose the control since I need the medicine for my headache.

Because, I got nothing at the drugstore for the headache. I went to the grocery store I bought something we need for the house.

I like to have stocking this stuff.  Disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer and Disinfectant wipes. These Product in my home, in the bathroom, bedroom, and basically all over my home because, I think its help a lot to kills the germs, virus, bacteria’s.

Mucinex medicine for children--  We've used to take Delsym Medicine for cough. then I found this and figured I'd give it a try. work okay it's helps break up the chest congestion, just like it says. the only is she dislike the taste. when I give her a medicine I have to get water ready so, she can swallow easily and then, with the Halls candy for relieves cough. 

I like to pick this blue box of kleenex- cool touch tissues these were the only the best tissue to make you feel comfortable.  Johnson's baby bath soothing vapor-  I love the Johnson's vapor bath with eucalyptus. I have been giving it to my daughter when she's in bath. Helped for stuffy nose but, when she get out from bath. I have to give her a moisturizing lotion  so, not irritated her skin.  cough suppressant Mentholatum for kids or Vicks - I used this for everything. been using vicks vapor Rub ever since I can remember. 
After taking a hot bath with the soothing vapor- I do love to have a Pho or hot beef soup. these all about for today. might you get some idea. 

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