Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy weekend

Hello Dear ^-^ I’m so glad is Friday. I went to the doctor for check up wondering about my headache won’t go away. Since last Sunday My headache is in and off and also, wasn’t fun because it’s happen when I’m at worked. I feel hip pain, leg pain are too much for me this week. So, all of that I lose 4 pounds for suffering pain.

In Friday afternoon, my husband sends a text to me. He wants us to meet up in madam wu restaurant in town. So my mother-in-law also pick friend in church. Here’s the food we’d ordered with for lunch but, also, I was had a fried dumpling which I love the most.

I forgot to pick up my medicine today that doctor prescript medicine for my headache. Today, all busy. So, talk to you all later ^_^

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