Tuesday, October 15, 2013

earthquick in philippines, Raining in Russellville

How ARE YOU Guys? It’s Tuesday here. I feel so worried this morning when I heard earthquake in visayas and Mindanao Philippines. I called my Mother phone several time and it was out coverage area. I been praying that hope everyone of my family is okay and thanks God for protecting them. I am sad to the other, who got most effected in earth quick.

I was patiently waiting to my Mother and brother until they got a signal on their phone. I am very happy to hear them voice.

Also in Russellville is raining and look gloomy outside. But still blessed to get this kind of weather. It’s okay if raining whole day, as long not tornado.

I did quit drinking coffee and I switch back to the tea. Well, I love coffee but coffee don’t like me, hahaha the story is when I get drunk a lot of coffee I noticed that makes cause me of headache because my body system is not strong enough to fight the coffin. But, really this very complicated, and I totally over with the coffee because I don’t want headache.

Last summer, my favorite tea is this Green tea with tropical mango flavor. I am fan of mango ^_^. Oh Dear, still searching and looking of different tea for fall and winter cause I need something hot… maybe hot coco.

My daughter won’t sleep if without reading a story. before going to bedtime she wants someone to read a book for her. So, I'm glad she's one of my family who loved reading book.

            Happy Tuesday ^_^
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