Friday, October 26, 2012

Red Box

RedBox - It been common now everywhere in state, One of the only place to rent a movie are located where consumers already shop- leading grocery store, macdonald restaurant, kroger grocery shopping, walmart store.

                 Rent-and-return styles-  you have also to followed the policy it will charge you a $1 each day if you forgot it to return in the next day. My Husband does forgot to return when he's really busy or family want to watch again but isn't a big deal. 
              One time he lose the one red-box cover we had to buy it in amazon or in the ebay for $ 1.75 and wait for the few days to receive and also Red-box still charges us for fews day not returning the cd movie. anyway, were glad to return it  than forgotten they get more charge So, that's was a lesson.

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