Friday, September 21, 2012


Hi Dear :-)

   Finally is Friday here :-)  Our Plan weekend to stay home and relax.

                        I didn't went work last monday because I feel so uncomfortable, My body was sore all over :-(  do you able to call-in at work? because, I do... In my job now I still have some days to call-in if ever me and family sick. also available holiday off, birthday with they still paid you from those off but you have to make sure in under limit.... I still have 3 days left  available for vacation but I am going to use it when is really important.

 Last wednesday, I was encounter another creepy person. He come out from nowhere I saw light from car who's following me through the school campus. First, I  thought It was a campus police but when I park.  he drove by pass and then turn back. I got start feel suspected that this not a joke. I have a phone ready and car key. Got me so nervous when he also park right next to my car.  (He was Talking (but I can't hear it)  and his hand sign something stupidly that I didn't understand either).  Of course, no one to talk and no way to listen  the stranger. I don't know, what the purpose he doing like that but Thanks goodness, the camera solve my problems. Police catch him. So now lesson. carry phone anywhere you go. always save numbers of your friend, family and Police if you ever need help in emergency.

              #  if you working at night.  make sure you park close to the building and good also you park next to the camera  so easy to hit the bottom ( like emergency call).
              #  don't let them touch you so carry spray

What will You Do if You Are in this Situation? Do you Have Any self-depends to Shared.
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