Saturday, September 1, 2012

Consignment ( Marva)

Maxi Dress for girl- Size 16 or large. $ 4 New
A. Byer Stretch Blazer- Color Black/ Size Medium/Price-$10--- Lucky I picked new or haven't used blazer. I think this good for interview 
Pink belt, pen, paper is 14 cent and Pony stuff toys-$3. They have percent going on in everystore store So, final total of my purchase is $8:50. I should often to go there..
Hi Friends :-) 
           Time surely flies so fast this month. It's a first day of September I know, getting closer to over 2012, huh.  Yes, I always excited when holiday comes because I don't have to go work. liked, this coming Labor Day were just stay home and relaxing.  Don't have plan for getaway even summer will  gone soon.
            Daughter and I went to the Consignment. This Morning, I feel good to go drive in Marva. Since not traffic. Guess, how much I spent money for all of this stuff? 

                         Have A Blessed Weekend!
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