Friday, February 3, 2012

:::Facial daily Cleanser:::

Hello Lovelies!  Happy, it's friday :-) 
I have newest cleanser product that I bought the other day.  This is fantastic for day & night facial routine. I thought for sure I wasn't going to like this stuff but finally found a moisturize, cream cleanser and cleanser cloth for my dry skin and sensitive. I've been eying this at ulta online product and I was almost buying it during buy 1 get 50 % off. unlucky  was in out of stock so I was suddenly sad but finally got it all I want in drugstore anywhere now. 

Yes-to Carrots cream cleanser:  the good thing w/this product is organic fruits, veggies and smell  fresh  and healthy. 
Equate- Rejuvenating Daily Regenerating Cleanser:   provide skin that looks beautifully regenerated and detoxified. 
           This cleansing clothes is good to go everywhere. I carry it in purse in case need to wash my face. you never know, road a lot of dust. it will ultra moisturizing, hydrate and refresh skin.

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