Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines cookies

Hi! It's been 4 days ago haven't post in my blog.  You know, being mom 24 hours a day job.I am so glad is Friday and relaxing weekend for us. My daughter feeling better but still taken antibiotic medicine to finish 10days. she getting big girl. thanks goodness haven't no more trouble given medicine with her  but before, Can't imagine I was fight en given medicine  and  use different  trick.

Teacher and parents conference the other day is doing great. the teacher told us, she been doing good in school. So,  Sweet treat for a  little girl. She was asking to make a heart shape cookies and here it is, was having fun baking and she volunteer to help cooking lately with us.
As you know, it is already ingredient made. the pack we bought is had  24 heart shape. actually, this is easy way and faster to do it if you out of time to gather the ingredient but showing your love to you daughter is the best feeling in the whole world. 
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