Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pro Palette Eyeshadow

Hi Lovely Ladies', Here's the box of bh cosmetics Product. I was order it online for valentines gift and receive it on time  but haven't post it directly in my blog. some reason a month of february is line up pretty busy.  

I was lucky to receive them all is in safe packaging.  lucky because no defect or no broken.  

The 15 and 6 color-palette eye-shadow Pro Plus eyeliner . last Feb had their 40% off sales and this is all about I got from them. $36 total of  two  palette,  it is my first time ordering product from Bh online cosmetic and  all I thought these are simply gorgeous. 

To be honest, I am not a make up professional or beauty export but love to have a some palette that you can customized  the color you like,  compact it small enough to fit in purse and they are also magnetic that you can take them out and re-arrange the colors anytime.  

I haven't try this yet but accidentally I drop one of my palette and there's a little crack but not to bad. anyway, my palette is dis-arrange so can't remember the right   # number and color but I still write what I got
WM15,WS5,WS13,WS15,WS20,CM3,CM10.CM11,CM16,CM19,CS2,CS5, CS16,MM20,MS12,WM15,CS3,MM17,MM6,MM20

Waterproof Eye Liner: Onyx Black 

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