Sunday, February 26, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Hello Ladies! We didn't anything fancy but Birthday celebration was good and fun and more especially the celebrant are both enjoying opening gift and ate cookies, cake and Pizza Dinner  and we had  family and couple of friends to come over in our house. really, the most important part is, get together.
                                          Here's birthday party photo's from yesterday.

Hubby & I estimate ordering a tiny cake for my daughter - since each year we got a cake  for her. and even how tiny it is, still had left over cake... 

Wine cake. My mother in-law love doing baking and this is wine cake for my husband. he really love to ate wine cake and this year, much adult  visitor  for the birthday party and obviously is all gone.

We got a little cookies for just decoration but also all gone :-) 

I never meet in person who made this cherry, pineapple and banana cream cake.  it is so delicious. she is my husband student  and all them  sent greeting for him. 

Since everyone love the pizza. we decide to order a three family size pizza for dinner .

My daughter cake w/green and blue flowers

My mother-in-law idea that this year she will give a bike gift for her and this is the most fantastic gift that she receive and she much enjoying it outdoor.  she got amazing mimi in this world...

I am excited to give her a bubble bath and little girl beauty stuff

    Have a good Sunday everyone...
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