Saturday, November 26, 2011


                  I am late  posting a thanksgiving picture and I don't have a whole picture of turkey either but here I took some photo, it's already cut into pieces, lol. A lot of food to ate  during holiday. actually, were still have left over in freezer. My mother-in-law prepared of all this homemade food for every-one.
                         Last Wednesday I had only worked haft day. I started like my new job since I got a holiday off and more I spend family during holidays. unbelievable I waiting for so long to find this kind a job and  Thanks God for everything, it is a such a good blessing to me.
                        We're at my mother-in-law house. My husband two brother are here with two kids plus my husband Son. they are both travel from other state. Just they arrive here for visiting in thanksgiving. Only one brother can't make it to come this time because business still always doing busy but he called and talked to  them (three brother) and now my mother-in-law house is fall of man.

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