Monday, November 21, 2011

:-( cold

           I didn't went work last friday, I call-in for being sick. I know it is cold because I feel got start a sore throats, sneezing a lot and a running nose. the symptoms of cold: May experience a yellow or green nasal discharge, hacking cough, fatigue and weakness.
                        The doctor give a prescription for my cold but it also cause drowsiness and not good advice to drive anywhere. I probably quit taking medicine on monday because I have to drive by myself to work early. the effect when taken this medicine is like I drunk and  feel yuck nothing a good flavor with it.
            There some medicine I been trying even w/out prescription.  I got this learn from friend about three years and still keep using it.

                           Delsym for cough suppressant - orange flavor- Pricey cough syrup medicine but this is the only I know; work right to me.  they have available for children too.

Cough drop for itchy & dry throats. all weekend, been eating this candy I think because the menthol.
                     Vicks- Rubs a little bit amount to your chest, nose, throats. I do use it before bed time because helps me to breath and feeling cool and comfy

Water---- I drink water to much, more than eight glasses everyday. Plus lemonade Juice and  with vitamines C. The old traditional homemade remedies advices from my Parent ....

           *Hot lemon/camanselis, honey, water I really enjoy drinking especially I know with vitamins C

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