Friday, November 4, 2011

Glad it's friday

Hi! I am back after been busy about my  new Job. I like it with my sweet and nice trainer in four days but on Monday I will  get started to work by myself. worried but in the same time, I feel  okay since they give me  a contact number to those person if ever I need help from them and also she made a huge list thing what to do in early in the morning. Thanks God, I have a weekend off with my family and I don't have to get up early tomorrow so sleep and rest as I could..... :-)

When after work, went up to my in-law house and spend grocery shopping, Car wash and Dinner. it isn't much done this afternoon  since from exhausted work but I'd was enjoying everything especially spent much time with my daughter now.

                       Here I got stuff from Dollar General. I found this  at Dover and that's my first saw a huge store in there. honestly it's been two years not visiting this small town  and change a lot. Dollar general or General dollar: whatever you called it, they sale reasonable skin care, toys, hair care, snacks that all I after when it come cheap but product help well.

 Imagine this machine to make her laugh so loud.. My daughter like to go w/her grandma when is about car wash. . We Just stayed inside the car while the machine cleaning. see, how High teach now, actually I  was surprise when I listening her laugh. and giggling. like, she feel enjoying it.  that's so much fun we done today....

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