Saturday, November 12, 2011

Food shopping

I was get ready to go bed but it's just come up to my mind and thinking my blog.  I am going to explain about picture down below.

               We been planing to stock up food for winter and not joking spent $500 total of grocery shopping in just one day. My mother-in-law holding a two receipt of all amount we spending is $800+++over all... usually twice a years to go U.S base with my mother-in-law. Big time, budget is going down for next month so No  holiday shopping :-( It means No christmas gift... So, We will see how gonna last long all this food inside a cabinet and Freezer. Honestly, I didn't take photo of our extra freezer but two Freezer we had is both fall of meat, fish, sausage, etc
                The Fact, I feel stress thinking about we spend to much for anything and low earn that reason, I totally myself Guilty to my partner who much provide to the family. I earn not enough but like he said I am a big helpful...

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