Friday, January 2, 2015

Holiday outfit & make up.

           My daughter took a picture of me before we going to the Christmas party of our friend. I guess she will be my photographer. Sometimes, she’s demanding what to do for posing which is good for me. The plaid top that I wore is in medium size it’s little bit bigger than my normal size. I just love a little bit roomy outfit so that I can easy to move fast and also, comfy. 

“Christmas outfit” Classic Plaid Button-up Top: Wetseal/ Legging: Wal-Mart/ Black shoes: Payless/

             Here I am holding a bottle of wine. During New Years Eve party we had few wine for everyone. I don’t drink any alcohol because my system won’t fight. I mean to say, the side effect so bad. I tries several time drinking wine I love sweet wine and margarita but, the next day, I had super bad headache all week long and that is not normal hangover because, it took forever to get feeling better. So, this time I just only pretend I drink as holding this bottle of wine. 

“New Years Eve Outfit” Scalloped Sequin Top: wetseal/ Jeans: Marva Consignment/ Shoes: Payless.

My make up look selfie in New Years Eve. Do you guys have any make up goal this year?

I don’t wear make up that often but if when I feel to put make up. I keep it look very simple.
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