Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mather Lodge State Park Arkansas

Here’s the front entrance of Mather Lodge restaurant in petit jean state park Arkansas. I been visiting several time in petit jean because it so close to drive from where we live at. I estimate about 40 to 1 hour drive but, I never been in Mather Lodge before. So, this is my very first experience. The restaurant food was fantastic and the view looks neat & clean.

We were thinking to go back there when it warm up little bit. I was spending inside the restaurant because for me, I was feel so cold and outside was windy. We walk and looked only inside the building. So, here’s the site if you are interesting:

My family and I tried to go to visit the Rockefeller but unfortunately was closed. When you get into Rockefeller entrance. You can see the big water pond with goose. 

We stopped to the rock house cave trail. So beautiful and hiking trail is also nice but we didn’t stay long because my mother-in-law was there with us and we don’t want her to waiting for us for so long. We decide not to stay and the reason too is I don’t have a good lens with me so all the photos taken from my phone. 

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