Sunday, January 11, 2015

homemade waffle

Hi lovely!

It’s Sunday here. Probably some of you went to church and going to lunch with family. I remember when I was working at nursing home I can’t able to spent with family or even of myself to out for lunch date because I always had scheduled to go work in the weekend. But, now I am blessed and I thankful to God for every single day. So, I have more time to spend with family especially to my daughter. If she requests anything to do in weekend like today, she wants to do make a homemade waffle and my mother-in-law help us to used her waffle maker. It was very awesome. Here’ some I shared it to you’ll I am very in love with the new technology. These waffles maker it very easy to used.  I do not know where my mother bought this waffle maker but I am sure they are everywhere in department store. I wish I could have this machine for my family in the Philippines? Anyways, very fun even my daughter always asking to do it again. And why not, is not that hard.

Have a lovely weekend.

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