Saturday, January 17, 2015

Two Balikbayan Box

Hi Love!

I finally have done to send my balickbayan box to the Philippines. I spent a couple months or a year to filling up the boxes. This time I send two boxes I normally send only one box at a time. Since were planning to go Philippines in this year. I decide two boxes for gift and stuff for family. I had been like this company and my Filipina friend who picked our box when ever were ready.

My Filipina friend had to go work last Friday but she often to inform me ahead, not to worry because her husband is one who going to picked our boxes. So, 1/15/2015 my boxes are already picked up and I feel free when two boxes are finish. I didn’t make it this month but they schedule my boxes to send it on February, I am now hoping that will be receive in time when I am in the Philippines.

When the husband of my Filipina friend picked our box. Our two girls had a chance to play each other. We spent talking a Filipino food; stories and experiences while the kid are playing. Plus my brother-in-law and step kid are visiting so, was a full house and were all sleep late.

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