Sunday, December 8, 2013

icy and snow

Hi Friends! Hope everyone are doing fine? Just wondering if what you’ll up too? In this weather were stocked in the house since last Thursday afternoon because the weather temperatures are change several time from below freezing.

Last Thursday morning I went to work till 12:30 and when I off from worked I directly went to grocery store in Kroger. Noticing where I park. Sounds the parking lot are all occupied but not given up I keep driving around until I found one all the way to the end. I have to walk to go the Kroger building and also it was raining and busy. People also looking a spot to park their car but anyway, when I get in the building; thinking to grab the bread first and unbelievable the bread are almost all gone.

After I got all the stuff together. I was patience wait the long line for check out. Everybody worrying that the time because, what the news said, the water and electric power is going to out for 7 days. But thanks God, electric and water in our area is still working and was blessed.

School and worked was closed last Friday. Were stayed home since Thursday afternoon and my husband laughed with me when he saw me, cooking big pots of rice? I was trying to get ready if ever what happen. But so, far everything looked all right except were still had few snow in the ground and icy.
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