Friday, August 2, 2013

Hello Everyone!

         I'm terrible at updating my blog but, I'm working on catching up I promise. 

         I would like you to know that were recently from memphis Tennessee's. I feel super duper happy after the oath taking ceremony. Finally done the process and now, it's officially ^_^ I'm Proud to be an American.

        Here some picture from trip in memphis last June and July 2013 in germantown, memphis.

June 19, 2013 

         I took 2 days off vacation but the purpose is for citizenship interview. My husband drove for me to memphis about 3 hours or sooo include to stopped in gas station and lunch.

Pyramid Arena- I put the link so you can search if you want to read about Arena. 
Fire House -- the new restaurant in russellville. were so curious and try the food, was delicious.
I was feel very tired when we arrived in Fairfield hotel. the first think in my mind is bed 
                 My husband did a good job booking a nice hotel with little kitchen. My daughter had checking the fridge  if there's food in it. but,she said, there's no food So,  after resting we went to the target store. bought some stuff, water and dinner.
Here's the view inside of hotel. kind nah dark
 first night dinner in hotel is ribs sandwich
June 20, 2013 

                  I had nice experience in memphis with my family. I am very thankful  for my husband and daughter who always been there for me. they are the reason for everything in my life. thankfully, Stress free now...
                   before going to interview. I was not feel  hungry for breakfast because being nervous,  got to focus ^_^  well, we all got up very early and arrived in the immigration office in time. My interview was 7:30 a.m I'm the luckiest one who got first interviewed  from IO.
Yeah, I was passed the interview ^_^ ^_^
                  My husband found the  filipino restaurant inside the Memphis downtown. He was tried me to surprise and I was surprise the food is really good and taste amazing. I miss homemade simple dishes  and for the first time in state to have a filipino restaurant and grocery store. of course, here some of my goodies snacks.
some stuff that I bought from asian store.
                   After the interview we had all afternoon, walking around the Memphis Zoo. it is our 2nd time visiting there but my most favorite is in the feeding bird area. did you see me riding the camel? poor camel, I will not ride again anymore. at least one experience is enough... :-(
June 21, 2013
                commissary restaurant in memphis Tennessee's. My stomach was fall of ribs & onion rings.  ^_^
                       We  bring our daughter in kids museum in memphis. she  wanted to live there, hahaha but we stayed there all the long and more played in the water fountain. 
June 22, 2013
                    I keep  an eye with her in two hours but, She was having fun at the swimming pool by herself. then, we spend some hours in the Mall for lunch & play and shopping 
July 25, 2013

   Our 2nd trip to memphis is such  unforgettable events and we also met friends.
Just me and her ( My daughter is very funny when it come to taking photo). 
My face look spooky with the nose trips and facial mask
June, 26, 2013
                 I recommend the movie Despicable Me2 movie for kids.  Me and husband are also enjoying with the 7 years old in theater.  it was worth night as a family out. we take some food to the apartment and ice cream, I have picked a almonds choco flavor, My husband vanilla caramel and My daughter is dirty and worms ice cream...

                       I have few photo from ceremony. My husband took a lot video and picture . I have to send picture to my family.

June 27, 2013 ---

       We  met our close friends who'd live in memphis  and we stayed there apartment about three nights. wE went different asian restaurant. they ask me, if what restaurant I want to go... of course, I pick asian restaurant ^_^^_^ after lunch, some shopping in jcpenny and bath and beyond which is my first time at that store.

June 28, 2013
                     Welcome back ( home)- every-time I went to the other place- I always say ( no place like home) 
                 we did stopped the asian restaurant in conway.  I forgot the name but, we went there occasionally. the noodle beef soup and pad thai noodle, curry, spring roll, fried rice was delicious.  all this trips,we been craving asian because that make us   happy to going the favorite resto.

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