Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Gift

                        August is pretty Amazing for me because, step by step I fulfill what I wanted in my life. Not long ago, I mention here already that I'm officially american citizen and also, last  saturday was my 30th birthday.  OMG!
My husband joke ^_^  I'm Over-the-hill :-) Proud of it anyway, I thank my family I have no words can't even begin to describe how much they mean to me. 
                        here's another gift from My mother-in-law. I went to T.j Maxx but, found nothing.  I got all this surprisely  because the facial moisturizer is base on my skin type. I'll been eyeing the clinique stuff in a long time. oh! it come with free. the blush and lipstick I give to her back since the color is more good to her skin tone.
My step-daughter gift these to me. and, loving it especially on this summer for my smoothie ^-^ there's a star with Happy Birthday. 
Red, white and blue- the American flag colors. My step-son who'd give me a candle as for congratulate and he greet my birthday too.
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