Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Road Trip to LA

                Were back from road trip. It was funtastic and My most amazing summer to visit with family in Louisiana. I'm guessing that this would be our last road trip in summer since, school gonna be open again. actually I got all the school supplies ready for the next week. all about now is figuring the routine to getting up early for school. Anyhow, last weekend I couldn't decide if I went this trip with family because I took off a lot vacation but, luckily I got permation from my boss and he'd say okey with it for monday and tuesday.

Country Village- I been this place 3rd time. they have a good bread and one of my favorite is apple pie fried. I don't know you but I do love pineapple .^_^.  

We'd stayed house of one of my mother-in-law best friend. I am so glad my daughter found Eli  as a playmate. they been know each other through picture and this time finally met. they are bought 7 years old and they get along each other and both friendly. 

In Louisiana there is a lot of corn field, cotton, soy beans we seen during driving around in Monroe LA. and also, My Mother-in-law had a lot of story about her life in LA. I love every stories 

All the way back to our town,  mostly cloudy and rainy. but must thankful we have it for the plant...

there's a lot of food but, I didn't care  taking photo that much since, I am around with family that the time I don't want them to think that I am weirdo with camera, hahaha...

Mocca Cake >  made in Philippines. when I was in PI this is one of my favorite and now daughter  favorite too.  found it in Monroe Louisiana ( Asian store). 

Water Melon Seeds <:> is my entertainment. while were in the road trip. I am addict with this seeds too.

Okay, I been eating like a pig.  I gain back to 112 pounds in  4 days trip and also, I was craving a lot with pineapple lately. 

lovelywife and PetiteMom

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