Sunday, August 4, 2013

OMG! The Big 3~OH! ^_^

I am always so curious about make up. Putting make up is not often happen w/me but, in my birthday or occasionally I want to experiment a color, so here's me and make up.
My Sister Friend does my hair styles. She is good in it and she knows more any hair styles ( Talented) 

Me and My sister friend are went to the bath and body. Yeah, I got this for myself I love the creamy body wash is one of my favorite for shower stuff....
My Daughter is very sweet. She is the most gift that I have in my life.  

My mother-in-law is one knows my favorite store in our town.  She asked me too if what  I want in birthday but,  since I getting older.  I focus much with the family.  Hey, I have them all so, my life is complete.
I found a filipina friend and we got to know each other about a year now, not to mention her name but were the same dialect She is 5 years younger than me and now, we treat each other as a sister since, I don't have one in the family.  
when I was 20's I always dreaming to get a nice birthday party and cake and gift but, when I hit 29 everything is change. I feel I got all this time and nothing I could ask for but, all I want everybody in the family is happy and healthy. 
My husband asked if what I want in my birthday. he almost get a forever 21 birthday card for me but, I told him that this time I don't need anything but family. he is very funny  partner and my partner of any crime especially candy and chocolate. you know, I am trying to lose few weight because 115 is not my normally size but he know, I keep all chocolate and candy for the family back home in Philippines.
There's a lot of food yesterday. I cooked the few eggroll and hubby cooked the chilli hot dog. the parties was very easy and simple but, had a good time with family and friends.

Lovely wife and Petite_Mom
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