Sunday, August 18, 2013

Light pack for travel

                See What are my make up and beauty essentials for trips and overnights stays! These are my go to, current favorite products and every trips I packed the same stuff.
                I recently got back from LA and thought it would be fun to shared in what make up or skin care I brought with me.

(Skin care)

! Make up Remover > Equate and Neutrogena cleanser wipes products are both best. these towelette are great for home or on the go. they removes make up color and even waterproof eye mascara with just a swipes or two and also hydrating are good to my skin....

! Moisturizing lotion > Clinique  Product- Dramatically different moisturizing lotion { very dry to dry combination}. It is so hydrating! My skin feel soft and is amazing to put under make up. Thanks a lot to my wonderful Mother-in-law. She help rescue my skin from being dryness. I notice, No breakout I used this 2 weeks already in every twice a day. I'm very happy with it.....

! i-Go scented nail polish remover pads. Its a best nail polish remover ever i had because 1 pads is enough for 1 hands and very easy to take the polish out from your nails with out drying. they are very oily and did not seem to harm the nail as the bottled type does.....

! Citaphil  facial cleanser > I bought the travel size { for all skin types, mild, non irritating formula soften as it cleans} I really like this facial cleanser its very gentle, moisturizing I will definitely purchase  the big bottle one when i running out of facial cleanser.

! Vidal Sassoon is a hairpin  >{ sure grip clix} comb teeth secure hold. if you have bangs: like i do. sometimes  bother me when to much hair cover to my eyes and this one secure all hair in one place with out covering your face.

! Freeman's Mask > Rose's brightening facial mask and blue agave paper mask. I bought two to give it try since I'll been wanted to have paper mask moisturizer. finally, found them at walmart. I both finish them and so far, I love the result.

! Sunscreen Lotion- its a Walgreen brands for children but, like to used them for myself as a facial sunscreen because, just mild scent.

! Ponds Moisturizing >  is good moisturizer too. When I was in the Philippines I like the brightening one, to help the skin light.

!Under EyeBryten > severe Dark circle and under eye puffiness
! Clinique > repair wear laser focus
!Clinique >turnaround overnight radiance moisturizer


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