Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Gift

These is the present that she receive from Friends, Mimi ( Grandma), Daddy and Mommy.  I don't have to put each photos because its to many. one thing she got interested is reading a christmas card from her Grandma with a 100 buck she was thought a one dollar and later on, she ask and comparing $1 and $100 is different. she really confuse and ask why my $1 dollar had two 00. 

I admit that I have hard to find a gift for my husband because he always said, he don't want anything.  but, I never listen  I still get a present for him that I think very useful. :-) thats also I can afford to my budget.

butter finger
Plain t-shirt
shave gel
speed stick
He was ordered kindle fire online for everyone but, one day we went to best buy at port-smith for some holiday shopping, purposely was to get a kindle fire accessories. while,exploring in best buy store. he saw, Apple I-Pad. He loves it, and guess what? He bought two I-pad one for us and one for my mother-in-law... Since, I dream to have own smart phone. finally were got two black I-phone 5. one for husband and one for me. 

I was think carefully what to give for them since my step-children are both grown up . Gift Card is the best idea that I ever give to them. all is worth for because I can see the smile.

chocolate Bar  and Star-buck Card for My Step-Son- I noticed he is fan of star-buck coffee. So, why not since he going to travel. Good that he can get it anywhere by using the gift card.

Chocolate Bar and T,j Maxx for my Step-daughter- I know, she love shopping to this store and sort do I.
My husband did done all my wish-list. Completely I am happy this holiday. 1. send some money to the philippines and package- arrive in time in christmas  2.  shopping for make up & clothes
3. Smart Iphone 5 and cases.

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