Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Tree

                      Just only a couple of days haven't blog and that make me miss here already. It because was  busy at work and work to the maxxx for family gift, lol. Actually, I am ready for holiday off! I wish is start today but oh boy, I still have two more days to go.

                     Home early from worked because I have to taking care my daughter is sick again, grrrrrrrrr hate it.. My husband been called to the doctor office to make appointment until now haven't call back.

                       Anyway, My Mother-in-law is travel today. My husband drop her off to little rock airport. She will be back next year. and, of course three of us to taking care the dog while she's in vacation.

                        One thing, I like in holiday is to get more sleep and relaxing by not waking up to early in the morning :-) also, nothing can compare with loving family in christmas. Oh, I was put the christmas tree up before Thanksgiving but it takes me so long to putting the decoration together. I was depending of my time and as a always busy. this year, I decide to have a Christmas tree since we not going anywhere 
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