Saturday, December 1, 2012

                A little update for first day of December. My husband agreed with me to go shopping in forth Smith asian store Since I wanted Filipino Food. My daughter spend with her Mimi that's would very nice for me and hubby to get out from house and enjoying our weekend together.
              Yes, TruongSon the name of asian store located in forth smith. We been here several time and really, I can find some filipino food. I am shy to my husband who spend almost  $200 for  all my stuff only :-) 
            R &R'S curry express in forth smith. First time to have a real indian food. My husband is really fan everything with spicy. He got me this food and I really enjoyed. I brought some home that I have left. My Step-son who is one to introduce this restaurant to us.
                    To Many people in this place because more people wanted electronic. Anyway, Husband and I stock in this place two or more hours until he decide to get a christmas present for everyone. still, don't have mine, sign :-(,lol... but I am happy for them even I can't buy what I want. as long I see them face smile. the last one we went at this target but, 30 minutes isn't enough for me to look around. but, we have to come home in time for dinner with family so that, one hours road trip back home is little tough for half day shopping. :-) 

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