Monday, February 23, 2015

Daughter Plaid Shirt

This plaid I bought it from target, long time ago. I wore them several time until get struck of couple washes in dryer. I was wanted to get a medium size when it comes a 100 percent cotton but I was try this on in small size and was fit perfect. I bought it because its pretty red/navy color and also in sales. It still fit on me but I give it to my daughter. 
This is her first ever plaid that she own. She saw this red/black & white plaid at Wal-Mart store and she was asking if she could have it. And of course, I bought it for her at size 12/14 a little bigger than normal size that she wore 9 but its to tie. 
Another plaid outfit that I pass her on. She obvious grown so fast I can’t believe. Today is her birthday and she turn 9 years old. 

This is her most favorite color. It has a pink girly color. She found it in consignment store and it was really cheap, too. 
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