Tuesday, February 10, 2015

LEGO Friends

I understand now, why she loves Lego friends. They are so fun to build and interesting at her age. She had that long patience to do connect a tiny thing into one pieces. I was no doubt that she can do it build so past because she focus and most of all she having fun with it.

She and her best friend Emma are both interesting of this kind of stuff. They do this together sometimes at Emma’s grandma house. They do also pricey but worth it.  As of now, she only had two kind of Lego friend. 1 is the jungle bridge rescue and 2 are the downtown bakery.

41036 - Jungle Bridge Rescue. Ages for 7-12 it has a 365 pieces of building toys and two books for instruction. My daughters receive it from her best friend Emma during Christmas. 
It is also party of jungle bridge rescue. She finishes it past to build these Lego friends. She and her best friend are both love them. They plan to go to Lego land in Florida this coming spring break. 
41006 - Downtown Bakery for ages 6-12 and it has 253 pieces
I bought it for her in Christmas present and she actually build them after she receive it in Christmas day.
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