Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow in February 2015

Today is the last day of February. I feel the day and month goes faster. I can’t wait spring to summer because I start counting the days to our travel to go vacation in Philippines. Were very excited to see my entire family especially to my parents, brother and niece and nephew.

We still have a month before spring break to come. But I am trying not to crazy to think of it. Just stay calm and relax. Do kind of busy things it faster if I don’t think too much.

Here are photos from snowy day. We are happy when it snow because all school decide to closed because for everyone safety. I love snow but not fan of cold and icy. I hate when icy is hard for me to drive and got a lot of trouble at road, like sleek. But, still thank to God because if you saw other places they had more snowstorm and very bad its 9 inches tall in Boston this year.

I hope last night is the last snow because we wanted to get out and do more activities. Were tired stay inside and not much to do but eating haha

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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