Thursday, February 21, 2013

Were stock together in the house while out side was snowing. She loved this candy, shaped of leaves. 
I received elf product that I ordered from valentines day. oh, lipton and naked is both great but next time, I have to check calories because I found out naked Juice is 400 or more calories and diet is zero's so that not wondering I gain so much weight. lately, we saw several wild cat in my mother in law porch I guess my mom wanted to adopt them all since she been feeding.
Guess, I was thought the spring is coming since lately 70 degree but last wednesday weather is change. we got another snow and ice storm. I have spray and ice scrapper always inside my car for clearing up the glass before to drove in icy. anyway, I was piss off when I pump gas because was cold and my store card wasn't work so right. grrrrrr.
Some picture from intergram. Happy Day and Heart Lips
                      here's I receive from valentines day. it was tiredly at worked but, hubby still manage to surprise me that's such a sweetheart husband I got the best Man.
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