Saturday, February 2, 2013

About January Princesses.

The other day,  My 1st grade Daughter and her classmate are celebrate the 100 days of school. In state is really known as many games and activities involved.  She made a 100 pieces of candy necklace.
Its been crazy here. when is flu season attacked is very scary for everyone.  I know how it feel if someone of your family got sick. because I am only the one who taking care of my daughter.  she and I stock in the house in four days. she miss her school and I miss my worked but now, were both trying catching up. 
You know this one, right? One of my daughter favorite snacks. 
when it comes in bath. she love princesses stuff. she love everything with Princess  and Campbell's kids  soup is amazing. I can tell this is good when is hot especially in winter. 
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