Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Birthday Party

                February is the most Fun because in my Family are just had birthday's party  of my two special someone in my life. My husband and My Daughter are both birthday in February which is easy to remember. Of course, each year on her birthday party were ordered cake it doesn't matter  if small and big as long she enjoyed and had a good time.

             My husband been busy lately in the school. So that, I planned the birthday party surprise for both of them. Since, our house so small and outside still chilly. I invate few of my friend that had with children for the birthday girl. I am so glad the party was successful.

                         Her 7th Birthday cake.  A lot of my friends who asked if where I ordered this cake and I answer in our local cash saver store. It is $ 34 but worth it because she was very very happy and mostly of my friend had a picture with the cake, haha. 

                                    Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow Cake. Rosetta's fairy house lights up, and each Disney fairy figurine has a unique stamper bottom.  when I took these out from box, everybody said " WOW" I know, My Daughter love it and that so important to me.

Here's my simple decoration that I done for the birthday party. 
                                          Disney Princess Pull- String Pinata.  One magical string will release all the treasure you've tucked inside. kids can  take turns, or hold onto separate strings and pull together. A removable sticker  marks the secret location where candy and toys should be inserted. 
She enjoyed all her gift from friends and family. 

Her GrandMa ( MIMI) give her cash to shopping clothes since she growing a lot. 
My Daughter  first time to have a party with other children and Pinata. So, I bought it  in walmart. of course, she love every Princess. the castle was a big surprise of the party. here they are picking the candy.

they having fun picking candy but, really was freezing cold outside.
I was invite Filipina and mostly food I was prepared is filipino spagette styles.  I am proud that I did it because, spagette is one of my presentable dishes for them.  
My husband friends came to the birthday party and they are americans.. I am so glad that they love my Egg roll .
Sticky Rice and Maja, Chicken Adobo, scalloped potatoes, green beans casserole 

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