Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hi Dear!
I freak out  big time. this month we got a tons of bills going on. Financially broke down so fast. I admitted that I call my friend in new jersey and Wisconsin several time in a day and everyday I call my family in Philippines too. so, wireless phone bills charges way to high $ 570 cost.  they charge me every minutes to call them even I used my own calling card. I already was aware. husband been telling me that " don't call during a day and also use cell phone to cell phone and  suppose  the same company @ 7 pm or evening. To be Honest, I'll been feel guilty with him because he contact this phone company and ask to get new agreement since he been loyal costumer with this wireless phone. Bliss Heart of this lady she cut down the cost. we going to pay a $14 instead $570. Thank you Lord and Thank you of this lady who really nice heart to us.
I do learn my lesson from this situation. So, from now on I will minimize using cell phone devices and never that happen again...

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