Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Morning, Walmart,Hasting store, bath and body.

Hi Friends! It’s typically Tuesday afternoon. When I got out from work I decide to go a couple store to start shopping for Christmas. I had hard time to finding things what to get for them especially when it comes “picky” or “they almost had everything’s. So, I shop things that I can afford to give and that’s all matter for me. No pretending, hahaha.

love this store.
Projection alarm clock.  we going to give this to my husband nephew and socks, hairbrush are also goes to few friends. 

Diary of a wimpy kid. My daughter is kind a fun of this book with Journal. she does start writing a diary and stories about her daily life. but, she is seven years old who love writing the most.
Finally I tries  caress body wash I been looking it around the store.  this body wash is smell so amazing I will get try more of other caress  and also cheap. I mistake buying men stuff I saw lubriderm for men lotion I forgot husband don't like scented stuff so I have to go back to the store and change it to the fragrance free.
My mother in-law best friend loves this lemon smell from bath and body hand-soap. 
this stuff goes to gift for my sister in law. i don't know if she like it or not but, that's only come out from my idea, hahaha
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