Monday, July 1, 2013

My in-law previous house

Front View
Another front view
Back forts 

Inside shop
Living Room
Middle bedroom
Guess Room
Guess Bathroom
Master Bedroom
Master bedroom bathroom
Dining Area
Hi Friends! For the last few months absences here. Thanks God, we  can breath now and stress free from being move to the new house but it wasn't easy though

So, here's the photo's of my Mother-in-law house that already sold out. I was thought my mother-in-law  going to move next to our neighborhood but when they found the big house, family decide to bought a big house for two family.

This is the house I first visit when I entered in the United State last 2008. I met my mother-in-law to her house which We visit her often and spending @ her house a lot for past five and half years.

And also, Husband & I had wedding reception memories in this house.

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